Jad & The - Skates on the S-Bahn

Jad & The - Skates on the S-Bahn

Centre Source Records


Centre Source Records continue to fly the flag for local artists with their fourth EP - this time from Berlin-based Jad & The. 

Love Tool presents a dreamy opening to the EP, with its effervescent piano riff and lush layers of filters and reverberations, which swell and deflate throughout. Bouyant yet gentle, Convertible on the M1 is a sunny, textured groove with digital flutes and claps; softly ascending through to a blissful breakdown. On the flip side, Underachieving Koala juxtaposes eerie vocal samples with melancholy piano chords, making for a poignant cut on the record. Untzz Twelve Inch mainstay Arthur Miles takes the track in a more club-worthy direction on the remix; giving it a healthy dose of drive and glistening keys, all while staying true to the emotive mood of the original. 

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