Public Release

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12" Vinyl

If you’re familiar with Public Release’s sibling, FACE, a series of parties, you’ll already know that Jee Day, né Dennis McNany, has been in the Bay Area label’s orbit for some time; as half of the DFA act Museum of Love, he joined the inner circle years ago. Here, with Amot Herga Laxy, he makes his bold debut on Public Release itself.

The single begins with “Crocodile Tears,” an abstract, impressionistic tapestry of African rhythms, meditative synth washes, Vangelis-esque horns and pads. It recedes and Jee Day plunges deeper into the jungle with “Communication Masterbation,” a propulsive number built around a psychedelic, droney bass that’s wrapped with gritty, distorted effects and layers of topline keyboard licks stacked high. A raw club track cut from transcendentalist cloth that’ll lift you off the dance floor.

The B-side is a dub of “Communication Masterbation,” with an emphasis being placed on pulling out, unraveling, extending the rhythmic elements and emphasizing the electronic veil the piece is shrouded in. A trancey, menacing sprawl that could be an extended Sonic Youth live jam if they swapped their stringed instruments for Roland and Korg gear—and dusted the whole thing in an unknown psychoactive slime.