Jessy Lanza - All The Time




After writing 2016's "Oh No", Jessy Lanza relocated to New York City, leaving her creative partner Jeremy Greenspan (of Junior Boys) in Hamilton Ontario. This latest album is the first she has worked on long distance, firing ideas and sketches back and forth and allowing the personal diary of new experiences to inform her writing. Like its predecessor, "All The Time" is a bubbly, poppy selection of bubblegum funk, blessed with Lanza's charming 'Holiday'-era Madonna tones. Tracks like 'Lick In Heaven' and 'Like Fire' are heart-racing, emotional pop belters, while 'Face' sounds like a footwork-aware take on 'My Boo'-wave electro. The album is unlikely to surprise fans of "Oh No", but the uneasy, melancholy air of anxiety adds an extra layer to Lanza's songwriting as she continues to mature and gleefully manipulate pop formula.