Jimmy Winkles - Do The Dilettante

Jimmy Winkles - Do The Dilettante

Porridge Bullet


12" Vinyl

1. Ducs and Donkies 
2. Dear Colleague Just a Little Boounce 
3. In The Room (I Say Man You Say Mate) 
4. Ocaxing 

So what is it exactly that has locked me into this? Which one is that magnetic hook? How many grooves are in this?
Simple questions, but those always lurk on our minds when we are alone with these four bombs on this EP. Thousands of noises, peeps, beats, strums do also make us delirious. And think – the mind behind this music tries to imagine a world before house and techno, while being actually well informed about those nasty styles.

These exceptional works come from Jimmy Winkles Slater, a guy running our favourite radio-show on this side of Milky Way – Greta Cottage Workshop with Onlyz

World is much happier place now.