Jose Fleury - In Parks EP

Jose Fleury - In Parks EP




Following 2019’s Dupla Ritmica EP, Banlieue is back with a 7” record featuring four tracks produced by Jose Fleury, a Berlin-based producer affiliated to the Infinite Drift imprint which he runs with Banlieue alumni Matthis Ruffing.

Throughout four short tracks, the listener is transported into Fleury’s world: cinematic at times, lush and synthetic but never devoid of humanity, these tracks would fit easily in the IDM / forward-thinking electronic music category yet that would not fully encompass the producer’s idiosyncratic sound. With Acacia’s futuristic electro feel, Garden’s lush and dubby atmosphere, Aue soft haze’s blissed-out mood and 610's upbeat flurry of beats, there are far more diverse textures, emotions, rhythms and soundscapes than one would initially imagine, a good reminder to always remember that there's always more than meets the eye.