Jose Rico ‎– Dreams With The Mirror Planet

Jose Rico ‎– Dreams With The Mirror Planet

Off Minor Recordings


12" Vinyl


Madrid's Downbeat have a good name around these parts - now Jose Rico steps up for Off Minor with the deep correctness. 
Label Owner, GCZ, says "These three cuts will lead you deep into Jose Rico's dreams. On first listen you can immediately tell these were made by someone super sensitive and experienced in this thing some call deep house. If you are a dj, you'll appreciate this selection, cause it makes your job easy and gets the floor busy in a sec. If you're a human, you'll appreciate it cause it'll make you feel stuff you haven't felt in a while.

Anyway, I'm very proud to release this record on Off Minor. Jose Rico and I go way back. This is a special record for me. Orpheu de Jong designed this wonderful sleeve. He has a gift. Enjoy!"