Julian Bainbridge - Dimension Traveller

Julian Bainbridge - Dimension Traveller

Sounds Over Seas


12" EP

Julian Bainbridge makes his 12” debut on wax via his own label imprint “Sounds Over Seas”. The tracks are inspired by Julian’s love for bass-driven Disco music and the deep angles of the Detroit sound.

On the A-Side “Dimension Traveller” fuses Detroit textures with Funk energy, as it rises on an array of arpy Acid sprinkles. “Italo A” is carried by a pumping Disco beat draped in bright pads and an infectious synth melody, before closing off into a classic Disco break.

On the flip side “Demure” takes things back a dial initially. Built on the facets of a New Wave beat with lush pads, it amplifies amidst a steadily intensifying arp lead, breaking back and forth towards its pinnacle. The closer “New Light” is a feel-good bass-driven House banger amidst warm pads and a lavish synth lead. Perfect for a ride towards the sunset.