Katatonic Silentio - Prisoner Of The Self LP

Katatonic Silentio - Prisoner Of The Self LP

Bristol NormCore

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Soundsmith and technology rebel Katatonic Silentio back now on a solo LP one year after her first personal release.
Bass missiles, encompassing atmospheres & killer fast focused drums shouts, everything is intently encased in an emancipation act, an insurgent statute against our own oppressions.
Seven tracks pathway leading to a final act of awareness and deliverance from ourselves, without any aversion to go far away, beyond all flags, all frontiers, all countries, all barriers, all beliefs.
Produced and mixed by Katatonic Silentio
Mastered by Land studio recording
Artwork by VESPER
Sleeve Design and set by AnchorEl

12″  Colored, limited numbered, with handcrafted cage sleeve.