Kelvin Larkin - Tell Me

Kelvin Larkin - Tell Me

Art of Dance



Founded in 1990, Art of Dance has always been described by it’s founder, Kenny Larkin, as a “phantom label.”

“When I first started Art of Dance, I wanted to obviously release my own stuff, but I quickly learned I didn’t have the time or brain cells to run a label. So I instead licensed my music from my label to other labels. It existed, but it didn’t, in that sense, which is the reason I call it a “phantom label.” Given my low output of music projects, over the years, and my new found desire to put out quality tracks, I decided to relaunch the label, and use it as an outlet for my brother and I to build the Art of Dance brand, and most importantly, release great music!”

For his debut release, Kelvin presents what would be described not as “tech house”, but instead a blend between house and techno. Never straying far from his roots from Detroit, the title track of the single, Tell Me, samples “house diva” Loletta Holloway’s “Sweet Sensation.”

With the interplay between the techno inspired percussion style bassline, and Loletta’s perfectly placed soulful wails, Kelvin creates a beautifully powerful dance floor burner.

“The Force” is all Detroit. Kelvin gives a gentle nod to the past with this slow burner featuring classic 90’s style rolling snares, funky baseline, and horn stabs. This playful track is perfect for buildup for techno or house sets.



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