Kempston Hardwick - Step With Me (PRE-ORDER)

Distant Horizons


12" EP

Hot on the heels of two wicked releases on Lobster Theremin and SITU Records, London based producer Kempston Hardwick readies 4 bubbling cuts of summer jams with all the zesty twists of an ice cold radler on Distant Horizons.

Whilst his last releases on LT took a more UK-centred sound approach, DISTANT005 has you jumping on the first plane out of London and onto a white, sandy beach somewhere in the South Pacific. The skippy, bright beats of ‘Step With Me’ raise the curtain before the sounds of thes streets of Chicago take over on ‘Roxy’s Party’ - a classic cut of contemporary house that lends from the past while keeping one eye firmly fixated on the future.

‘Leonila’ sees Kempston take on a more experimental aesthetic; tribal drum patterns and vocal samples blend with bending synthwork and and the inspired calm that can only come from the sound of wooden instruments.

Bowing us out is ‘Cascasde’, the most quintessential Kempston track on there; his distinctive take on house shining across five minutes of late-night grooves.

EXPECTED September 2021