Ken Gill - Ken Gill EP

Ken Gill - Ken Gill EP




Alleviated Records is proud to present the Ken Gill EP. Ken was on the scene while Bernard (Badie) and Larry (Heard) worked on music ideas between 1993 and 1997 and they both help out on "Love Moon", our first selection. Larry's "psychedelic" interpretation constructed around Bernard's bassline idea and Ken's original elements. "Just A Test" is up next with its' "tracky" feel that dj's, dancers and all who like to keep it "no-frills" should enjoy (we hope!). "Idol Mind" has an interesting combination of "moody", "upbeat" and "whimsical" that draws you in as you listen. "Jack Wit Honey" is another that draws you in as you listen but this time with a "melancholy" overtone combined with a fun "bounce". Ken has only been making trax for a short time but we were all pleasantly surprised to hear his ideas right from start when he decided to try his hand at it. We're happy to present his first release and hope you enjoy it too! Musically Yours...