Kreggo - Introspective Dance Music

Kreggo - Introspective Dance Music

Lobster Theremin

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Lobster Theremin present another mind-bending LP this time the brainchild of Italian producer and epic talent Kreggo.

Using a newly established moniker for this very special project, Kreggo is better known for his work as G-23, DJ Groov and his cult Secret Rave project.

From his small starship studio in Mongrando, Italy he weaves stories and tales from hued memories and faded dreams. Whirling from the hills and condensing down the green mountainsides into the vibrant forest, coasting the roof of his hardware strewn lab.

The journey to this nine track end point has been a flow of feelings and deep time meditation; strong emotions tied to the past, to memories and places, people and love. Snippets captured and lost in the gaze of passing time.

The varying track lengths are a felt out natural expression for the LP, not tied to conventional dance music expectations or structures. A disciplined idea of where to finish and where to start the creative process.

In the shadows of these ideas what culminates is an incredibly personal, woven electronic narrative that brings to mind the twitching of Sheffield bleep and IDM, the evocative and intimate melodies of 90’s electronica, a subtle bump along early minimal techno and electro territory, and a consistent dose of UK breakbeat sensibility across the last three decades.