Midnight Drive


12" Vinyl

Techno, Disco, Italo, Electronics, House, Library, Cosmic and Ambient frequencies - These are the bedrocks of the Midnight Drive ethos and sound. A label shining a light on overlooked or unheralded creations and respectfully reissuing them for the contemporary audience. A label that respects and understands the connection between these disparate and sometimes forgotten forms of musical expression and celebrates them.

For the latest instalment of the Midnight Drive story we look to our own rich and fertile home city of London. Formed on the Southside of the city in the late 80's Carl Grant and Tony Gallagher's long running LA Synthesis project has given us some of the most forward looking, modern and compelling Electro and Techno over the span of the last 3 decades. 'Harmonic Disassembly / Skyline' was originally released in 1997 on the cult Evolution label and made a lot of noise with the brilliant futuristic B-boy video for 'Harmonic...' getting regular airings on MTV's Chillout Zone among others. Both tracks are sleek, cutting edge examples of electronic music that is as much inspired by Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock and Steve Reich as it is Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Jonzun Crew. Now, almost 20 years after it's original release we see a full repress of one of the jewels in the LA Synthesis crown, a truly cult record that stylistically transcends time and space and sounds every bit as groundbreaking and fresh as it did in 1997.

This is the first time 'Harmonic Disassembly / Skyline' has been reissued. This high quality repress has been made possible with the full involvement of Carl Grant and Tony Gallagher aka LA Synthesis from their personal DAT masters.

Remastered by Curvepusher. Artwork and design by Atelier Superplus.