Laite - Fuckfaced Robots

Laite - Fuckfaced Robots

XOX Records



X0X Records is back with another dope electro release and this time it’s something really special with remixes by Mr Velcro Fastener and Imatran Voima! The story goes back to 2002 when the original track by Laite was made. Imatran Voima and Mr Velcro Fastener made amazing remixes in 2003. Due to various reasons the record never got released. Time went by and record remained unreleased, but after Perttu Häkkinen passed away in 2018 it was time to dig up the masters from the archives.

The tracks are kept as they were originally in 2003, no alterations whatsoever. This is a true blast from the golden past. Mr Velcro Fastener remix is a hidden gem from the era right after their “Lucky Bastards Living Up North” and “Otherside” albums. Original track by Laite continues where he left after the first release on X0X Records. This record also contains something that due to circumstances won't come up anymore: Imatran Voima Remix, probably the last one ever.

All of the funds raised with the sales of this record shall be directed to the wife and two children of Perttu Häkkinen.

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