Leatherette - Fist + Shout

Leatherette - Fist + Shout

Domestic Exile


Cassette Tape


'Fist & Shout' is the debut release from Glasgow band Leatherette - currently now known as Total Leatherette -  and the first to be released on Domestic Exile. 

Recorded at the now infamous Green Door Studios, the album is a raw, visceral interpretation of instrumental post-punk, no wave, drone and industrial, complete with a fully immersive and foreboding gothic atmosphere. 

Traces of minimal electronics and manipulated effects / vocals are present throughout, engulfing ones entire body with a sudden cold adrenaline rush - teeth rattling, muscles contracting, nails nervously scratching at walls, shivering - a combination of detached, minimalist drum machines, rhythmic noise and dense processed mutations mechanically dislocating as if oil is needed to stop the rust from corroding the engine. Chilling feedback loops, effects pedals and brutal yet infectious bass guitar grooves leave us stunned, shackled, agitated, weary and submissive. 

Thematically channelling a hidden narrative of societal repression, queer sexual frustration and sleazy hedonism, the record conveys a twisted and alienating distorted version of reality. 

During live performances the duo are shrouded in darkness, venues left pitch black with nothing but strobe lights to disturb ones eye sight. The intense and thought provoking suspense that is experienced at a Leatherette show uniquely translates to the duos recorded material. 

Musically, influences can be traced back to radical counter-culture movements and their pioneers; most notably D.A.F., Malaria and Geile Teire during Berlins NDW period through to the 'Ambulance Station' nexus - Bourbonese Qualk and Zahgurim in London or Ike Yard, Nitzer Ebb and R.L. Crutchfield's Dark Day during New York’s No Wave period to Minimal Man, however it is important to note that while comparisons can be drawn the music of Leatherette is never derivative or emulating in its approach.

Pro dubbed c50 cassette with risographed card sleeve.