Leo Young presents The Unreleased Projects of Pronto

Leo Young presents The Unreleased Projects of Pronto

New Interplanetary Melodies


12" EP with illustrated cover and folder inside

New Interplanetary Melodies, now in its fifth release, recovers two unreleased tracks from the Pronto Recordings archive, a label founded by the historic Italian-English DJ and producer Leo Young, active from the second half of the 1990s to the early 2000s, based in London.

An anticipator of sounds and musical trends, Leo Young began his career in the 80s in Rome: he was one of the organizers, in July 1989, of the Impero Dei Sensi, considered the first real Rave ever to be organized in Italy. Later he moved first to London and then to Berlin, reaching international success thanks to his residence at the legendary Club Tresor.

With a major discography started in 1987, an international reputation as a DJ, built above all in his legendary 12-hour DJ sets and a reputation as an eccentric and reckless character, his contribution to dance music was significant to say the least.

Simona Faraone, owner of the label and executive producer, linked to Leo Young by ancient friendship, has decided to celebrate his shining career with this release, bringing back to the fore Pronto Recordings, still considered a cult label of the most underground scene of those years. The 12” will be released with a refined sleeve ( space and esoteric artwork by Buday Studio) + a special insert that celebrate the story of the Legendary Leo Young.

The two unpublished pieces had been produced and made by Leo in different periods, with the participation of formidable musicians from his crew of the time. The Frascati Project, which opens the A side of the EP is an incessant crescendo of Jazz Funk and Psychedelia atmospheres in House sauce clocking over 14 minutes, produced and recorded in Rome back in 1998 at Fog Studios, expertly mixed by the late-lamented sound engineer Luigi Pulcinelli (former member of the Italian band Tiromancino and friend of Leo), which finally finds its rightful place on vinyl, ready to ignite, over 20 years after his recording, any type of dancefloor.

On the B side we have 4 The Emperor (Unreleased Version), a bonus version of a track, already contained, in a remix version, in the album The Magickal Childe, released in 2001 for English Tummy Touch by the legendary Tim "Love" Lee and made by our Leo in 2000, in Oslo, during his Norwegian period: anticipating by a few years the wave of Disco / Nu Disco music that from northern Europe would have invaded the whole world .  

To further enrich this precious EP, on the B side , we also find a remix version of 4 The Emperor (Feel Fly Onirica Re-interpretation), curated by the young and promising Italian producer Feel Fly, which transports us directly to the "Riviera" thanks to those sounds, typical of some exquisitely Italian Dream House, which has become actual again.