Leonardo Martelli ‎– Previsto

Leonardo Martelli ‎– Previsto



12" Vinyl

Electro kicks, raw textures, ominous choirs: L' immaginario, Previsto's opening track, ties a bound between Martelli's two releases on Antinote, giving us one last glimpse at the uninhabited post-apocalyptic landscapes drawn in Menti Singole.

However, this time Leonardo Martelli explores a more urban universe, as the use of rap samples on Negli abissi and Lo Schema suggests. Martelli exploits their aggressiveness in a way that somehow reminds us of minimalist rap tapes from Memphis. The third track's title makes it even clearer: called Leggende Metropolitane, the song is
a trip into the darkest blind alleys of the city, an invitation to wander among human wastes, driven by its light kick.

La Luna, is the most contemplative moment of the album, offering us a meditative break before the nightmarish Il
registro, Martelli's brutal come-back to raw electro with a tune which depicts us a hellish engine room for expiating souls. Finally, the record concludes with Previsto, a haunted title track, filled with wailings that give us to contemplate a cruel vision of the urban misery we're stuck in.