Life’s Track -  Smell of Sanctity

Life’s Track - Smell of Sanctity

Black Opal

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12" Vinyl 

The Opal Tapes off-shoot Black Opal has certainly delivered the goods thus far, having put out EP's by Cloudface, Xosar and J.Albert, among others. Life's Track, the Italian duo made up of Dukwa and the always on-point Herva, appear on one of three inaugural releases to introduce the Black Opal White Label. These are five rugged, gritty and ready-to-use floor tracks for the more versatile of DJs, and here are our top three: "Harmonizer" for its tripping, speedy bombardment of steely percussion, "The Drumjazz Leader" because it reminds us of late '90s Metalheadz gone utterly wrong, and "Consequence" for its nutty, distorted feel. Hotly tipped!!