Lnrdcroy - Much Less Normal

Lnrdcroy - Much Less Normal

Firecracker Recordings


2 X 12" LP


Tears of Love began coursing through a crevice in the wall, dissolving the old mortar which had been so firm. From the realm beyond our interstice, the Lacrima of Yearning was met by a coruscating light, heavy with air. This luminance seemed to generate in a distant source, yet had always been present - as illusion hides eternity. In this New Open Channel, a possibility was forged. A golden opportunity for the future and a resting place for the past. Leonard Campbell's Much Less Normal was originally released as a tape on 1080p last spring, and has since become one of the Vancouver label's definitive releases. This welcome vinyl reissue on Firecracker is an invitation to see this remarkable album in a new light for those who already know it, and its new format should help it earn the attention it deserved the first time around. It's a record that sounds like the city that birthed it: overcast and maritime, gloomy and gorgeous in equal measure. Campbell's songs develop and grow with the steady pace of the tides, as if his sounds and melodies are being washed ashore.

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