Lost In : Vienna

Lost In : Vienna

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To present this city, we have drawn from our network of local insiders, ranging from contemporary artist Erwin Wurm, creative couple Roshi Porkar & Wolfram Eckert, musician Carola Schmidt and the vinegar-king Erwin Gegenbauer.

Vienna Calling
A selection of interesting Vienna locations
Art Move
We meet with contemporary artist Erwin Wurm
The Island
Our selection of spots in the 2nd District
Export Champions
Interview with creative couple Roshi Porkar and Wolfram Eckert
Traditional Way
Interview with singer Carola Schmidt
Singing in the Boys Choir
Espionnage in Vienna by Werner Sturmberger
Wiener Blutwurst
A photo showcase by Lukas Gansterer
The Insider
Interview with vinegar king Erwin Gegenbauer
Out of the Dark
Observations by Jörg Henning
Wiener Melange
A selection of Vienna souvenirs
Where to Stay
A selection of fine hotels