Lost Trax - Lost2

Lost Trax - Lost2



12" Vinyl 






Delsin's reissue arm once again looks to the revered back catalogue of Lost Trax for a second 12" that picks out the best of the anonymous collective's work. The EP features five cuts taken from two highly sought after EPs released on Tabernacle Records in 2011 and 2012. 'The Eye' opens things up with punchy drum programming and the sort of sci-fi effects and synths that immediately take you to a future intergalactic world. It's a weighty but emotional opener, while 'Pulp' is more twisted and urgent, with warped synth sounds and busy, bristling drums and perc all building pressure throughout. 'The Forest' resets the mood with mystic synths and mysterious atmospheres that mix ambient beauty with suggestive skeletal beats. 'B01' then canes through the cosmos on a Detroit electro tip with slithers of synth, swollen pads and crisp hits and 'Dominion' rounds things out in hurried fashion. The restless electro drums pound away as prickly snares and cymbals, blurts of machine noise and sweeping pads all wrestle for attention and keep you on your toes. This is high octane electro and techno designed with metallic precision but oozing plenty of human feelings.