Low Tape - Walking The Streets

Low Tape - Walking The Streets

Of Paradise


12" Vinyl

Of Paradise join forces with rising Russian talent, Low Tape, for an EP of deftly crafted and explorative electro. Comprising of four slices of soaring electronic music that collectively showcase a new and hybrid sound, Walking The Streets firmly marks out this rising talent as a one to watch.

Opening track Other Acid Lands, is an emotive and driving fusion of acid and electro that hurtles through a purple sky, whipping up the land beneath it as it moves. A stamp of authority and a mark of intent from the word go.

A Day Of Electrical Revolution switches things into overdrive. A ferocious and spiralling torrent of electro that shows no mercy, spitting out deadly sparks at anything that attempts to stop it on its quest for total control. This is the birth, life and death of the stars.

The B-side kicks into gear with Easy Life, a rolling and funk driven jam; built up of subtle yet infectious drum work, free-floating percussion and dreamlike pads that work together to showcase this young producers rich palette of sounds.

Closing out the EP is Walking The Streets, a thunderous and rapid fire electro assault; emerging like a creature from the depths of the Volga River, ripping through the heart of each and every warehouse it sets foot inside.

Walking The Streets comes packaged in a matte black sleeve complete with sticker and A6 insert.