Lukas Lyrestam -  Costa Del Hackney EP

Lukas Lyrestam - Costa Del Hackney EP

Clouded House



Digging: Mano Le Tough, Jimpster, Auntie Flo, Peter Kruder, Laurence Guy, Melon, Loz Goddard, Bill Brewster.. 

Clouded House boss Lukas Lyrestam bridges the gap between his native Stockholm and former home of Hackney, London with this new 3-track EP built for balmy summer listening and debaucherous days of partying in the Wick. It’s a Hackney state of mind! 

The EP's title track sees Lyrestam team up with Jakob for a chugging, hazy wonder through sweet samples, pleasingly digitized live bass approximations and warm acid haze. 'H.O.Y.L.' channels pristine '80s synth pop in the purple vein, while 'In The Back' sees Lukas weave together a Balearic broken beat pop workout with dulcet vocals gliding over '90s piano chords and taut snares. 

Support from Lyrestam's previous Clouded House output comes from heroes like Todd Edwards, DJ Sprinkles, DJ T, Soul Clap and Gerd Janson, putting this new collection in very good stead.

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