Lyonnais - Anatomy of the Image

Lyonnais - Anatomy of the Image

Geographic North


12" Vinyl

Atlanta's Lyonnais returns with its second LP, strangling the expansive highs and narcotic lows of its 2011 debut full length for Hoss Records into a more rhythmic affair. The quartet, featuring members TJ Blake (drums, also of Lotus Plaza) and Lee Tesche (guitars, also of Algiers), Farzad Moghaddam (bass, synths, Geographic North co-founder), and Farbod Kokabi (guitar, vocals, Geographic North co-founder), parallel the frostbitten modes of This Heat and Clan of Xymox.

"Pavilionism," the unflinching opening transmission from Anatomy of the Image eschews any formal attempt at inauguration. Its purpose rather? A succinct 6-minute palate cleanser granting listeners left standing to permeate in a collection of spectral and skeletal drone-punk groovers.

Produced and mixed in the dog days of a Los Angeles county summer by Ale Cohen (Pharaohs, Languis), using sessions recorded at Brooklyn's Rumpus Room with the recording/engineering team of R. Mexico (Hoss Records, Mexcellent) and Ryan Rasheed (Leblaze, Prefuse 73), Anatomy of the Image stands a singular statement on the anxiety of self.

The stirring, moonlit gospel "Vienna Circles" is a liable force of nature, driven by a not-so-subtle sense of desperation. "Friendly Fires" sees Section 25's classic offering of modern warfare reworked and reappraised, stretching its post-punk canons into a breathless ambiance. The original's strident rhythm section remains, now existing in a vacuum co-inhabited by Playing With Fire-era Spacemen 3.

In "Hyperblues" we find Anatomy's linchpin. A romanticized, sympathetic listening; an arresting dream-pop epic exploring a trapdoor in the void. Apprehension, repentance, resolve—the ultimate human condition as defined by the anatomy of the image.