Lyonnais - Anatomy of the Image

Lyonnais - Anatomy of the Image

Geographic North

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12" Vinyl

Atlanta's Lyonnais returns with its second LP, strangling the expansive highs and narcotic lows of its 2011 debut full length for Hoss Records into a more rhythmic affair. The quartet, featuring members TJ Blake (drums, also of Lotus Plaza) and Lee Tesche (guitars, also of Algiers), Farzad Moghaddam (bass, synths, Geographic North co-founder), and Farbod Kokabi (guitar, vocals, Geographic North co-founder), parallel the frostbitten modes of This Heat and Clan of Xymox.

"Pavilionism," the unflinching opening transmission from Anatomy of the Image eschews any formal attempt at inauguration. Its purpose rather? A succinct 6-minute palate cleanser granting listeners left standing to permeate in a collection of spectral and skeletal drone-punk groovers.

Produced and mixed in the dog days of a Los Angeles county summer by Ale Cohen (Pharaohs, Languis), using sessions recorded at Brooklyn's Rumpus Room with the recording/engineering team of R. Mexico (Hoss Records, Mexcellent) and Ryan Rasheed (Leblaze, Prefuse 73), Anatomy of the Image stands a singular statement on the anxiety of self.

The stirring, moonlit gospel "Vienna Circles" is a liable force of nature, driven by a not-so-subtle sense of desperation. "Friendly Fires" sees Section 25's classic offering of modern warfare reworked and reappraised, stretching its post-punk canons into a breathless ambiance. The original's strident rhythm section remains, now existing in a vacuum co-inhabited by Playing With Fire-era Spacemen 3.

In "Hyperblues" we find Anatomy's linchpin. A romanticized, sympathetic listening; an arresting dream-pop epic exploring a trapdoor in the void. Apprehension, repentance, resolve—the ultimate human condition as defined by the anatomy of the image.