Magou - Dreams

Magou - Dreams

Toy Tonics



This is the new Toy Tonics EP... and we going straight to the 1980ies... or is it already the 90ies? Anyway. One of our buddies called it: Loopy dream house meets synth-heavy disco! And this could fit. It's definitely coming out of the very surreal world of Magou.
But who is Magou?
Can you keep a secret? Ha! No, you can’t.
The producer behind this record is very well known in the contemporary disco scene, but this project is so fresh it also needed a fresh name like all things on Toy Tonics. It’s all about the music. Get the record and savour the mystery.
And in case u discover the name behind Magou... because u know his vibe... let Toy Tonics know... u might get a prize!