main(void) / Kon Janson - CUES005

main(void) / Kon Janson - CUES005

Spatial Cues


12" EP

Spatial Cues releases split singles and solo EPs that sound out main(void)’s and Kon Janson’s shared musical space. Operating out of Berlin and London, the two artists join forces to showcase their mutual vision of techno music.

CUES005 aligns itself with the deep and hypnotic side of the series by inserting repetitive themes into flowing soundscapes and subtly shifting rhythms.

Spiralling deeper and deeper into a slowly evolving vortex of sound, CUES005 A emits gleaming signals into the expansive space emanating from its mesmerising bass line.

Held together by the gravitational pull of its sub-heavy kick drum, CUES005 B’s swirling drums orbit around a minimalistic synth pattern that echoes back in bleepy accents

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