Manent - Assioma

Manent - Assioma

Unità Psicofisica

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12" Vinyl

Unità Psicofisica isn’t just an ordinary label, it is the coming together of passionate and inspired artists. With the aim of gathering young and rising artists, the label unites various forms of art; from producers and photographers to illustrators and video makers. The purpose is to create a platform where artists can express true emotion and creativity by concocting an  artistic “Unity”, mainly focused on generating a new form of art by combining music and all sorts of art.

The first act of the label 'Assioma' was created by the founder and owner Manent, the release contains two of his original tracks and two remixed versions. The first remix was composed by the Spanish Refracted, the other from the Italian Mod21.

Four tracks that fall into the genre of techno, each perfectly represents the main elements of the label: hypnosis, minimalism and aesthetic of sound.