Mani Festo - All Night EP

Mani Festo - All Night EP

Club Glow


12" EP 

The first vinyl release on Club Glow is here!

After a series of tape cassettes exploring the many corners of breakbeat driven rave music and beyond we are pushing things forward with our first 12" EP. Kicking things off for 001 is Mani Festo's 'All Night EP'. The 4 Tracker features tracks built as far back as 2015, alongside brand new beat science. It's an amalgamation of Mani's influences, with audible nods to Garage, Trip Hop and Dubstep, structured in a way that sounds uniquely his own.

A1, The title track 'All Night' was written back in 2015 and was on regular rotation at Swamp 81 parties at the time. A staple in the sets of Dj's such as Loefah, Orson and Youngsta it has remained an elusive dubplate until now!

'Trackside' is a continuation of the previous track. A gritty FWD style roller that features samples describing all-nighters painting trains. This is a subtle nod to a miss-spent youth sneaking out and painting Graffiti.

On the flipside 'Cheatin' is yet another unreleased dubplate from the same era as 'All Night'. This caused serious damage on dancefloors as a dub, check out this recording of Loefah and Chunky in Birmingham in 2016 - - Need we say any more?

B2 slows the tempo down for street beat style breakbeat riddim 'Tell Me Why'. This one nods back to the sounds coming out of Bristol in the late 80's and early 90's. A perfect way to round off the release. We are really excited to unleash these into the wild!