Mateo Stoneman - Mateo

Mateo Stoneman - Mateo

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Silky and sweet voice of goosebumps, elegant and beautiful sound supported by ornate and brilliant orchestra, calm atmosphere with Cuban scent. Mateo Stoneman, a male SSW resident in the United States and California, infused “Mateo”, a masterpiece of Cuban jazz vocals and bolero sung in Spanish throughout. Please feel the magical smoothness transmitted to the skin at a glance. This is a masterpiece left in history driven by the urge to say that it is truly a wonderful work.

Mateo Stoneman, a male SSW who continues to work based in LA, went to Cuba from 2003 to 2004 and wrote the masterpiece “Mateo”. Marvel at the beauty of his crystal-clear, sweet silky voice, but it’s brilliant with the graceful and serene sound of the backing of members of the Buena Vista Social Club. This work is a gem of Cuban jazz vocal sung in Spanish, which makes you want to keep listening forever, despite being completely flashy.

The moment you hear the opening “A1. Sabor A M_”, you will be able to experience its quality. Elegant and elegant orchestra, the sound of the piano is also beautiful, and expectations for this work will increase. Other songs are equally high-quality, delicate and soft singing voices, and a parade of masterpieces that gives you more depth and scale. A2. Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado (when you return to your side), A4. Ll_mame (call), B2. Esta Tarde Vi Llover (rainy murmur) However, besides, the bouncing rhythms are fun “A3. Ac_rcate M_s (Go closer)”, “A6. Menos De Dos D_lares (Higurashi)” (interacting with female chorus), “B1. Un Trovador” It is also worth noting that it will entertain you with a moderately uptempo number such as “M_s (another Troubador)”. It’s a single album, from the beginning to the end, as a single work that will truly entertain you and is truly a perfect piece.

This work is a solo debut made by Mateo’s own work, and in his home country, his unique musicality and career (including the leading local newspaper LATimes, he has already appeared on several TV programs, depicting his life The success story is the title of the documentary movie “MATEO” and has already been broadcasted worldwide.This work has been converted to analog once in 2012, but after the sold out, there is a constant contact with us. In recent years, thanks to the repercussions of the documentary movie “MATEO”, inquiries from overseas are re-pressing at an increasing timing. Repressing also has a different master sound source, The specifications have been updated more gorgeously, so if you already have it, you might enjoy it.