Matrefakt - Theory Tale EP

Matrefakt - Theory Tale EP

Attitudes to Life


12" EP 

Matrefakt are a trio from Liverpool who run their own Attitudes to Life label and have made a quick impact with their fascinating first few releases. This is the fifth instalment by the trio and showcases the deeper more thoughtful side of their work.First up is 'Sounds Like Science' a dystopian siren leads the way to a labyrinth of synth leads and guitar licks, backed up by an 80's inspired beat and all driven with a slap bass, perfect for peak time evening sets.

First up on the b side is the title track 'Theory Tale' born out of a late night jamming session at devon analogue studios, this deep journey of intrigue has an emphasis on drums, with hard hitting snares and rolling fills perfectly combining with the bass throughout the track, complimented by a subtle blend of warm synth tones and atmospheres.

The last track on the EP 'Just Us' starts with a piercing intro giving a taste of whats to come, cutting distorted synths rise and pulse above a hard hitting break beat and steady bass.