MDThies - Reach

MDThies - Reach

Professional Music


12" EP 

Early DJ support: Peter Fonda, Ike Release, Max In the World.

We are very proud to finally release Professional Music’s first 12”, with five tracks that hit very close to the heart and mission of the label. NYC-based musician MDThies sculpts his debut EP into a record of deep, contemplative groovers, leaning on layers of dubby atmosphere and bursts of playfulness. The sound is organic, psychedelic, and saturated with a tapey analogue warmth that doesn’t obscure the musicality at work.

The A-side floats between grayscale haze and soaring rhodes chords, always atop a steppy bassline and masterfully finessed percussion. The B-side kicks off with a remix by none other than homegrown Stockholm hero Samo DJ. His mix cuts the fat and delivers a simple and impactful house gem with ethereal chords layered over the bassline from MDThies sizzling electro B2 banger, Tempt. A record that is equally suited for stay-at-home listening as it is for the late-night hours in the hands of an adventurous DJ.