Metaman - Irina Remixed

Metaman - Irina Remixed

Inside Out Records

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12" EP 

Inside Out Records present "Irina Remixed", based on Athens-based Metaman's original album "Irina", with the eponymous track featuring the mesmerising vocals of the mythical Lena Platonos. Rising star Echonomist follows his debut EP release on Innervisions with an underground, peak time re-creation of “Irina”, with unforgiving percussions and exhilarating arps. Stevie R & Parisinos explore slower, hypnotic rhythms and acid elements to accompany the transcendental story telling by Lena Platonos. Breakin' moves experiments with repetition and minimalism for his experimental interpretation of Battle of Perugia. Finally, Athens Computer Underground completes this release with a raw acid re-invention of Antigone's Stasimon.