Michael Clause - Ice Pick

Michael Clause - Ice Pick

Left Hand Path

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12" Vinyl

Left Hand Path is proud to present its fourth release - ICE PICK, a beautifully aggressive four track techno EP from Bay Area troublemaker MICHAEL CLAUS. Following acclaimed releases on Jacktone and 100% Silk and his unforgettable remix on our last record by Nackt, ICE PICK plays with (and against) modern movements in underground techno to satisfying effect.

While Michael's previous releases featured a gorgeous dub-infused atmosphere, ICE PICK steps towards a more militant sound. Its eponymous title track is described perfectly by its name - a lethal rhythmically compelling club track primed for the peak of a late-night DJ set. FOR EACH has the listener ascending an endless staircase of arpeggios, chased by raw electro beats. HEXES is introspective, reinforcing Michael's talent for writing sublime melodic hooks. The record's closer ACID 46 is a bonafide dance floor stomper built around an undulating, coruscating acid riff, giving it a kaleidoscopic Bay Area twist.