Minais B - As The River At Its Source

Minais B - As The River At Its Source

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Minais B is the moniker of Villads Klint, who also produces
deconstructed pop cuts as a part of the trio Khalil along with
Nikolaj Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine, Cancer) and Simon
Forman (Age Coin, Yen Towers), whose debut album was
released August 25th on Posh Isolation. In his solo project,
the young producer explores movement and contrasts in sound,
and “As The River At Its Source” is no exception hereof. It
stays in motion from the beginning to the end, constantly
moving from one frame of mind to another, ultimately
maintaining an atmospheric quality throughout the entire

In “As The River At Its Source”, Minais B is uniting alluring
and challenging sounds by merging sonic experiments with a
profound, soothing melancholy, questioning when a sound is
beautiful and when a stranger becomes an acquaintance. At
times the piece lets its listener drown in dreamlike
arpeggios and synth pads, while suddenly breaking down in
order to proceed with a passage consisting entirely of
restless bass-heavy beatings.

As his first vinyl release, Minais B delivers a very mature
offering on “As The River At Its Source”, a highly emotional endeavor
in contemporary ambient music, touching on the complex nature
of human connection.