Molinaro - What The Future Was

Molinaro - What The Future Was

Apron Records



Two years after his ​Apron Records debut in 2017, ​Molinaro makes a poignant return to Funkineven​’s forward-facing label. ​What The Future Was is both an ode to personal growth and a reminder of the responsibility to keep the tradition of musical trailblazers alive.

What The Future Was is the result of 10+ years spent honing his craft and home studio into his finest, most progressive work to date. Fans of his APRON35 debut will find home in the rugged, cosmic ruckus of “EMBER”, “PURITY” and “THE PNEUMA”. Elsewhere, tracks like “AEVEA FOREST”, “ENTITY” and “HER THEME” expose a more vulnerable and tender side to his growing palette of sound and feeling.

In a world where online personalities and reach are increasingly glorified more than ​actual skill, hard work and talent, Molinaro has ​constructed an alternative, sonic utopia where soulful, groove-based music is the antidote