Moon Diagrams - Omegaplex

Moon Diagrams - Omegaplex

Geographic North

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Cassette Tape

Geographic North proudly presents 'Death on the Hour,' a ghastly collection of Halloween-inspired recordings intended to spook and seduce through every turn of the season. Spanning 11 harrowing tracks, Death on the Hour boasts a ghoulish smattering of Geographic North mainstays and a healthy dose of new blood weaving through original recordings as well as disfigured renditions of Halloween classics.

Arriving long past the witching hour, the looping vignette of Moon Diagrams’ (Deerhunter’s Moses Archuleta) “Omegaplex” repeats a curious and oddly familiar phrase of suspense not far removed from the "Opening Titles" of John Carpenter and Alan Howarth’s Prince of Darkness suite. Similarly, Leech's (Brian Foote, Peak Oil/100% Silk) "Utah" writhes in fits of rhythmic revulsion, perfectly soundtracking some doomed narrative of paranoia and peril.

For a more spectral sense of evil, Windy & Carl's (Kranky, Music Fellowship, Darla) "Witch & a Cauldron" drifts in a cloud of black feedback and tonal haze proving once again that Dearborn's darling duo can find weightless beauty in a fit of foreboding harmony. Another product of the Great Lakes, Lansing’s Auburn Lull opens the B-side with “Unknown Color,” layering distant metallic clatter, muffled low-ends, shuffled static, and processed throat singing. It's a jazzy and noirish waltz through similar scenes haunted by Pan•American and Moritz von Oswald.

M. Sage (Patient Sounds) revises "I Put a Spell on You" into something equally mesmerizing, covering Screamin' Jay Hawkins' blues ballad into an unsettling bit of obscured, manic pulsing, lo-fi pop, while Lyonnais (Hoss Records, Geographic North) takes J.P. Shilo’s recent and stunning work "SLEEP" and re-imagines it into a majestic wide-shot of symphonic minimalism. An army of stringed instruments are bowed to their limits, holding on to the grim waking dream just long enough to make sense of it all.

A warm and delirious trip through hauntingly alluring astral planes.