Nackt - Private Property Created Crime

Nackt - Private Property Created Crime

Left Hand Path


12" Vinyl

San Francisco label Left Hand Path's latest record is a contemporary techno opus, featuring four tracks, each with a distinct sound and feel, designed to set off a dancefloor and invigorate your stereo.

"Private Property Created Crime" is the final (for now) work of the late Johnny Igaz, aka Nackt (after the German for "naked"), one of 36 enormously talented and eternally vibrant souls who was lost to our world in the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, California. Johnny was a visionary musician, with roots in hip-hop and psychedelic music of all stripes, who poured heart and soul into his music. These four tracks are among his best and most compelling productions, proof that a brilliant artist was taken from us just as he was attaining his stride.

The record opens with "Blight Town" (yes it's a Dark Souls reference), a full-throated acid techno stormer that melds emotive modular work with raucous percussion. "Septic Acid" is a rubbery electro joint with heartfelt, melancholy overtones. On the flip, "Let's Go Shopping" features Nackt in full-on hands-up party-rockin' mode, built around a huge bassline and an ecstatic vocal sample from the best film ever made. "Balboa Park" began as a moody collection of synth lines until fellow San Franciscan Michael Claus beefed it up with his intricate, punchy drum work. 

A hand-drawn sleeve by Bryan Peabe Odiamar completes the package. Rest in power, Johnny. We wish you were here to see this record released.