Neil Landstrumm - Chincy EP

Exit Records



adjective of poor quality; "cheap" (figurative) Tastelessly showy; cheap, gaudy, or tacky.
Chincy was made on a kitchen table using an Akai MPC3000, Moog Sub37 and a Korg Minilogue for hardware; plugged into a Midas Venice mixer, Crane Song STC-1, Thermionic Culture Rooster and Focusrite pre-amps for recording. Vocals by Chicago. Subs by car system tests. 808 by 808. Fingers by Landstrumm, bottoms by Brazil.

The tracks are live jams but they aren’t that cheap to make. No hunching over a computer for weeks on end. One take, one mistake. Just jamming on gear after listening to Mantronix , Dre’s The Chronic and many many UK hardcore records. Pizza Pie on speed dial and Mr X for nighttime sessions for added UK swagger. Recorded in a forest with a swampy back garden. 145 is the common thread of ‘Chincy’ and ‘Eighty Four’ with a 160 diversion for equal measure on ‘Cutlass’.