Neoprene - Possibility Spaces

Neoprene - Possibility Spaces

French Press Lounge


We here at French Press Lounge are very pleased to share our latest release by Florida-born, California based producer and professor Neoprene with a debut 12" titled “Possibility Spaces.”

Propelled by pure state aesthetics, spatial theoretics and a fondness of ferns, Neoprene (amongst several other musical monikers and permutations) has been crafting and perfecting outer-world electronics since 2011 through their highly slept-upon digital and cassette label Ashtar Communications. "Possibility Spaces” is their debut 12”, a collection of cherry picked tracks created in Chicago during their barista residency of 2015 - heavy points of dark matter gliding across a delicate, semi-permeable surface of unidentified experience. Where others simply trawl the tropes of a rave culture gone by, Neoprene bends into the best assets of house, hardcore and breaks and pulls up through a dense fog of floral new age ambience, creating a one-of-a-kind approach to expository techno.

Case-in-point, A-side length track “S.T.E.A.M.” has Neoprene in classic form - an extended cyber-house workout of hard yet bouncy analog bass tones, skittering hi-hats, and a deep bedding of a break gauzed in warm, texturally pure synths, taking its time to form as a full thought or memory - perhaps the closest one can get to being a rocket chamber making its descent to a foreign planet: patient, focused, peaceful in its fiery free fall.

On the flip-side, “VertigoTronics” follows similar suit with a harder-edged, more direct intention towards the upper vibrations and BPMs of Drum and Bass, a pair of juggling breaks pushing their way through watery pads, building towards a clear break into an absolute melter of a bassline. On the come down is “Sym,” a low-slung and distorted number with a massive kick and tom section sure to push emulation memory to its limits, jackin’ rimshots, faux-crystal chords and spectral voices driving the listener further into their actualized avatar.

So you know, a really a nice set of tunes. Very cool!