NGLY ‎– Cities Of Illusion

NGLY ‎– Cities Of Illusion

Long Island Electrical Systems




The Argentinian based NGLY had seemingly appeared out of thin air landing on the Brooklyn based L.I.E.S. label in 2014 with an untitled four track white label ep. On this ep, the unsuspecting track "Speechless Tape" ended up becoming a cult hit with select djs in the scene (I-F, Mick Wills, Intergalactic Gary...) eventually leading to it being voted as Intergalactic FM's #1 track of the year in 2014.

On the heels of his successful debut Rudolfo could have stayed the path and produced an easily digestable follow up dance record or two, instead he chose to take his time and reflect. Sitting back in the studio tweaking his live act, recording endlessly, transforming and refining his sound.

In the end we get his debut eight track lp, Cities of Illusion, a record that walks a fine line between many of the original strains of the electronic realm. The elements are all there to be picked apart, to be used, to be abused, thrown against the wall smashed to bits...played in the club or on the late night mix shows, it's magic you heard in the past and crave in the present. To say the music on the lp is one thing or another is an pays reverence while at the same time turns a corner; held together by a loose yet cohesive thread. It is a full presentation that is unafraid to challenge or confuse, with no concern for genre imposed limitations.

1. Ideal Place 
2. Infiltrating Parallax 
3. Jessica abre los ojos 
4. Sidney Reilly & The Reillys 
5. Billy S. 
6. C75 M68 Y67 K90 
7. Strange Expression 
8. XII