Night Foundation - Memory Bells

Night Foundation - Memory Bells

Lobster Sleep Sequence

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12" Vinyl

Richard Vergez launched the Night Foundation project to little fanfare in 2016, with several tracks and a new artist page appearing inconspicuously late at night in the UK time zone. With him already being a part of the Lobster network - producing the iconic collages that burnished the stellar Raw MT 'Richard's Revenge' and Hedge Maze 'Kerb Hits' releases - it wasn't long before Lobster Theremin's Jimmy Asquith became literally the 12th play of these new tracks via the usual social media algorithmic attraction.

Soaring solo synth expeditions came floating from the tinny 3am laptop. With headphones and a better system; a full sonic explosion of raw hardware warmth, twinkling icicles and soft landing pads.

Nostalgic, interlocking melodies and slow drawn-out synth lines that nod back to the psych rock workouts of Steve Hillage and even elements of Pink Floyd. A steady and studied extended improv evoking patience, peace and interstellar harmony. Formed of three completely individual yet inseparable parts, Memory Bells is a touching and truly special body of work. Evocative, immersive and another Lobster Sleep Sequence catalogue entry for quieter times.