Niro - It Takes Two

Niro - It Takes Two


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12" Vinyl

Up first is ‘Died In October’ which leads the way via a frenzied amalgamation of sweeping sample chops and robust lo-fi tinged rhythms alongside shimmering pads and swirling resonant synths. ‘Always Been Free To Fly’ follows suit and sees Niro opt for a deeper more stripped-back feel with low-slung drums, warm ethereal pad swells and blossoming bell chime and bass melodies which intricately ebb and flow throughout the composition. 

‘A Song About Whispers’ opens the B-Side of the record and lays focus on Niro’s more raw rhythmic style with dynamic organic percussion taking the lead alongside acid tinged bass, jazz samples and thunderous subs. ‘Journey To Hyperion’ then closes out the package, a collaboration with fellow Italian Giulio Etiope with a nod to early 2000’s IDM via sweeping pad melodies and wandering arpeggios to create a perfect finishing touch to the release.