No Moon - LGS007

No Moon - LGS007

Let's Go Swimming


12" Vinyl 

The majority of the EP was made in a 7 day period at an unusual time in his life.“Due to having just left my job, recently single, and having signed all unsigned music. Felt like I had a total fresh slate. So I guess this all contributed to me ending making a pretty big departure from a lot of my usual techniques”

Chillin w/ The Flute God starts proceedings with a shuffling percussion workout. The only track to be made at a different point 'I Felt it Slip Away' comes from a more unusual point of inspiration. “I had a short but intense romance which spurred a month or so of constant music writing, which felt like it would go on indefinitely. But the inspiration suddenly faded as I realised that nothing would come of it. So I felt the two feelings leave simultaneously in a quite direct way and the silver lining was I got a track out of that feeling as well - only one though”

On the Flip side is 'Swimming w/ John', a hypnotic six and a half minutes of hard hitting grooves. “Dem Gulls was the 3rd track I made that week. Originally I was trying to make an ambient track with some nice relaxing seagulls that I had recorded, but then I accidentally made that kick and it suddenly became clear what the seagulls wanted”.