noch - limbo

noch - limbo

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limbo is the debut album by noch.

A collection of bumping, clicking, winding, loops that dip into noise, ambient, and acid. Written during jam sessions with friends and worked on at dusk on a stony beach in headphones, each track is based around a simple loop, sometimes left on repeat to wander in meditation, sometimes building complexity in repetition.

"I've tried to avoid making music that builds up to something (or nothing) or drops and instead let one idea roll along for a few minutes before shifting up or down into a different mode."

limbo is an attempt to describe the space between two moments in time, the sound caught between two worlds that loops forever.

"That's when I think about climate change the most and the harm of it. And I think about what's happening to us: different peoples in different places, and all species, in different ways. And changes to the atmosphere and to the sea."

noch, aka Adam Burton, lives in Hastings and is a carpenter and visual artist.