Nocow - Nocowalnya

Nocow - Nocowalnya

Gost Zvuk



Aleksei Nikitin, whose first release kindled the GOST ZVUK history (and whose brilliantly sparkish "Ledyanoy Album" was issued on the label a couple of years ago), goes back to Ground Zero after his trilogy on Figure and REKIDS' "Atoner" LP. All four tracks of the ninth GOST INSTRUMENT's vinyl present a rather way-out approach, surprisingly uncommon for Aleksei's form style. But this seemed minimalism tends to be valid only at first glance. Starting from plain rhythm, "Elektromechanika's" further groove is drifting on lots of tousled synths. "Far Voices", an exercise in interweaving of echoes and voice samples, ends right at the moment when you expect track's next iteration. The B-side is not without surprises too: the acid beat of "Oasis" rises almost suddenly after drone-alike "Monothone". Summarizing all the above, getting into this record is not only the extremely clear case, but you should also try to play it from random track, or even in "B2-A1" order.