NS Kroo - Introduction

Sparring Partners



In 2015, Androo and Baba had their debut release on Sparring Partners alongside Bony Fly. A year later, Stand High Records put out a 4 track project. Both records have been largely played in the soundsystem scene, but were also endorsed by eclectic house DJs. After 4 years without a new release, NS Kroo open 2020 with their first EP. This time, NS KROO present 6 tracks that were made in 2015, with the cover painted by Androo himself. This is his dub project, and his artistic approach of always reconciling diverse influences and genres makes “Introduction“ a unique sonic and visual object. NS KROO describe their EP as a “minimalist and radical“ experience, in which a palette of sounds and textures gently collide. The project is pressed on a 12inch vinyl, and is limited to 300 copies.

Both sides are constructed in a similar way. They start with downtempo tracks, followed by one dub steppers, and finishing with the part 2 versions. The opening track “Introduction“ sets the meditative and introspective tone of the EP, while “Rag Question“ dictates the importance of rhythmical features, drawing inspiration from dancehall. “Simmons“ is an anthem track that has been played all over Europe’s biggest soundsystem session. The lead brass-sounding synths, simple conga patterns and a deep bassline entering one minute into the song, give it its unique progressive character. With a nod to Howard Hawks’ movie, “Red River“ is a steppers dub track that is extremely efficient, even more so given its simplicity. The two impressive dub versions encapsulate the experimental aspect NS Kroo give to their studio, which they see as an evolving laboratory. As some might have noted, all tracks are driven by a legendary “Rhythm Composer“ who does not have to be cited.