OL - Sorm

OL - Sorm

Gost Zvuk

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The tenth, jubilee release of ‘Instrument’ series is a sudden turning point and immediately changes the rules of the game, anticipating emerging trends. Oleg Buyanov – one of the main GOST contributors responsible for prominent records ‘True White’ and ‘Height Difference’ makes his debut in ‘Instrument’ framework. OL’s new release creates a path of complete diverseness - a unique mix of ambient, dub and mutational electronica, though the author’s hip-hop DNA is still recognizable.

The release title as well as its symbol flirts with the privacy of communication in the context of its facilities and tools of the present world. Music acts as the info-channel, which provides unseen and coded data to a person from aside. The vagueness of mood, recurrent rhythm changes, and order of arrangement seem to rhyme with the feeling of being wiretapped. OL (along with another ГОСТ ЗВУК resident Flaty) recently had a similar experience of sound synthesis with their Serwed project whose recent LP was released via West Mineral Ltd. The groove of ‘SORM’ is swirling, distorted and sometimes ‘disengaged’; sound guided by its waves exists in a constant process of decomposition, dissolution and then reassembles in new configurations.