Omformer - Ascending / Distance

Omformer - Ascending / Distance

HMD Records


12" EP 

Omformer travel through the recesses of an ancient musical cosmos, reaching back in time toward the gestation of club music, where Ambient and Trance traditions converge at the heady heights of 140 beats per minute. Mikkel Rev and Oprofessionell combine efforts as Omformer in a 40-minute sojourn through the outer reaches of club music. The Uteklubb affiliates have been excavating the enduring sonic palette of 90s influenced club music for the past two years through Oslo’s UTE.REC label and clubbing consortium. They moonlight on local label HMD for Ascending/ Distance, a record that moves between effervescent ambience and heady transience.

Ascending/ Distance finds Omformer during a creative flurry of activity that has seen a slew of records and tracks come via their UTE.REC label and sub-label Sine. Together with Uteklubb, they’ve been leading a charge for Ambient- and Trance music in Norway for the better part of three years, with events, DJ sets and live performances laying fertile ground for a new scene growing out of Norwegian woods.