One Day - Untitled

One Day - Untitled

Office Recordings


12" Vinyl

Office Recordings continues to surprise us. After Baaz’ Techno-/Ambient-hybrid on Office 011 the label from Berlin comes up with a stunning new and anonymous project called ‘One Day’ featuring four also unnamed tracks. The A-side of the record starts off with a with a superb Deep Techno track which tempts us with very emotional pads and a strong kick and bass fundament – an irresistible combination. A2 goes in the same direction but feels like the slightly mellower and softer brother of its predecessor – a little bit moody but still straightforward at the same time. The flip side is dedicated to two freestyle electronic tracks standing in the tradition of the best Warp offerings from their heyday in the 90s. We’re talking charming melodies and sparse but elaborate rhythmic patterns. The record comes in a hand stamped and with a lovely artwork also hand made by Office art director Super Quiet. All tracks have been mastered and cut by sound engineering proficient Pole at Scape Mastering.

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