Orthographic Figure - Select Gestures

Orthographic Figure - Select Gestures

Of Paradise

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12" Vinyl 

Of Paradise close out 2017 with an expansive, ever evolving and heartfelt debut from Orthographic Figure.

Having cut his teeth with a cassette release of stripped back house for New York’s Pastel Voids, back in 2016, the Portland based producer steps up and delivers four tracks that shift between Chicago and 90s house styles right through to spectral jungle.

Opening track 'Every Moment' plays out like a luscious rolling landscape. Blissful pad work crosses the breeze alongside sliced and resequenced drums, backed up by a heavily flavoured bassline that adds a splash of swing to this deep-seated house number. 

'Reach Out' is a mysterious and eerie house jam, one that tips its hat to seminal producers such as Moodyman and Theo Parrish. Deftly programmed drums, tightly knit percussion, an infectious plucked bass and a sultry and romantic vocal each combine to propel the listener up and over the clouds.

The B-side launches with Fate in Black Attache, a constantly evolving and visceral piece of funk driven house music. Each instrument lines up, ready to take to the task in hand, like a majestically curated orchestra of rhythm and sound.

Closing out the EP is OSC HNY, an expertly crafted homage to 90s jungle, reminiscent of the early sounds from pioneering label Good Looking Records. Sliced up drum samples set the tone for a hedonistic rollercoaster ride deep into the belly of the warehouse, whilst warm pads and a heart melting vocal offer a sense of calm. Fresh from a parallel universe, this is the perfect ending and a full stamp of approval for this extremely gifted artist.

Select Gestures comes packaged in a matte black sleeve complete with sticker and A6 insert.